“Sometimes, being a single mother, and caring for your own children in a world that is hostile and angry and condemns you because you do not sit right with their preconceived notions of womanhood and you do not blend into their perfect picture of what a woman should be is a difficult position to be in. And perhaps, in itself, that a picture exists in the imagination of what a woman should be at all is a problem. What happens when you a woman is unable to fit that stereotype? Are you erased? Do you cease to exist? Are you cast aside and exiled and life becomes a difficult struggle to bear?

Perhaps so. But, it does not have to be this way. The advantage of knowing that this picture exists is that now we can do things to change it. We can free ourselves from its chains and from its grips on our society. There is nothing in being a woman that confines one to any image that we bind ourselves to of a loving, doting wife and homemaker and there is nothing but pride to be felt in our diverse identities.

Fixing this issue is, admittedly, a daunting and arduous task but it is not one faced alone. If we can have these discussions, if we can push people and their thoughts then we can build a better future for our women and for our children.

Dr. Ibidolapo Ijarotimi, FNAWCP

Damilola A., Akure

When Dami applied for SiMMSI’S training in 2020, little did she know that she would go on to become a vital part of SiMMSI’S story. From being a single mom looking for a sustainable means of empowerment, she has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur from our trainings, and a SiMMSI field staff working with our M& E teams in secondary schools, and teaching young girls to be…..

Lisa O, Delta

It had been a lonely and challenging life for Lisa, until she saw SiMMSI’s free skills acquisition/ empowerment program and enrolled towards building my skills in make over. Now she has started up the business of make-over from home , starting up gradually and hopes to eventually get a better studio for my makeup. She says this opportunity has helped her to be a strong and independent woman .

single mother empowerment for wig training

Rita I, Lagos

Learning a skill had being Rita’s dream and ambition for a long while. But when single motherhood set in, the hopes of achieving that dream dwindled even further. That all ended however with her access to our empowerment scheme and entrepreneurial skill program. Now Rita, makes hair wigs on demand and for supplies to local dealers, opening up a stream of sustainable income for herself.

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Singularly Me focuses on and addresses issues surrounding the empowerment of single mothers who have been the victims of gender based or domestic violence. Through our support many single mothers have gone from being victims to entrepreneurs, skilled artisans, and some have found the courage to build new homes being remarried. You can support what we do for Single Mothers by making a donation.
“Society has a long-held history of out casting people who are different. In a flock, the birds will attack the most colorful bird because it is seen as a threat. We do not like our ideas to be threatened, we don’t like to be wrong, and so we close our eyes and we close our ears and we close our minds and that is not enough. Not when there are women trapped in abusive relationships chained by the fear of being outcastes, not when there are women being killed for the simple reason that they are women and so somehow their lives are worth less. Not when women are raped yet are unable, still, to speak out against their rapists because people will always take the side of the man and his display of irresponsibility in not respecting a woman’s free will. This is not okay!”

Dr. Ibidolapo Ijarotimi, FNAWCP

Success Stories

Damilola A, Akure

My name is Akinkuolie Damilola. I got married to the father of my only child, fifteen years ago. After her birth, her father performed his duty as a  father till she 3 years old, then stopped paying her school fees and other necessary bills. I’ve been the father and the mother of my daughter who is 14 years old now. He died five years ago and I am  a widow. This training will give me a great opportunity to have another source of income and be able to take care of my child… God bless the NGO.. Thank you!

Jewel O, Abuja

My name is jewel, 22 years old, I’m from the Eastern part of Nigeria, and a student in one of the Nigerian universities. When I found out I was 3months gone, I was abandoned by everyone. My parents sent me off to a very far place and hid the pregnancy from everyone, because I had disgraced them, I was given the condition to drop my baby off at an orphanage, if I wanted to come back and not be cut off from the family, I vehemently refused, then I was given the second option of coming back, but fending for myself and my son alone, I took the offer, even without knowing how it will be, but, we’ve been surviving, my son is my joy, the training just came at the perfect time, which was why I was overjoyed and grabbed it with open arms, I now have a way to fend for myself and my son. With this skill at hand, our future looks brighter, and this poses to be the beginning of a great entrepreneurial journey.

Lisa O, Delta

Emotionally, it’s been a lonely period as a single mom. Financially , No one to foot the bills of schooling , feeding, clothing and other bills but in all I give thanks to God for keeping us alive and providing for us . I came across this wonderful group ” single mother socialnet” and I became a member. I saw that there were running a free skills acquisition/ empowerment program and I enrolled towards building my skills in make over. After this training, I wish to start up the business of make-over from home , starting up gradually and eventually get a better studio for my makeup . This opportunity is an open door for financial breakthrough for me and my kids and also help me to be a strong and independent woman . I thank the organizer and sponsor of Singularly Me Mothers Support Initiative” for this empowerment program. Thanks for finding me worthy to be a participant. May God richly bless you all .

Joy D, Edo

I am 26yrs old, a native of edo, a single mother of one damsel. It has not been easy being a single mother but God has been my source of strength. As a single mother, I have gone through a lot in life suffering insult, mockery, pain and hardship. I have always hoped on God to change my story and I believe with this empowerment my story has changed for good. God bless mummy pee and everyone who’s in support of this training. I am grateful.

Oluwatosin A, Lagos

I am Oluwatosin Animashaun. I am 28years old and I have a daughter of 4 years old. I work as a cleaner in the bank,
Single motherhood has been well with me. I always enjoy the advice given to me and I love it.
This make-up artist training will really help me in so many ways. I have been trying to learn more but no capital but all thanks to single motherhood for making it work for me. I appreciate this gesture.