At Singularly Me Mothers Support Initiative (SiMMSI), we understand that the girl child has as much right to sound and quality education as their male counterparts.

How We Support The Girl Child


SiMMSI supports an on-going scholarship scheme for underprivileged young female students. This scheme is for Senior Secondary levels with focus on STEM students.

Material Support

SiMMSI continually supports underprivileged young female students with reading texts and writing materials to enable them meet up with academic demands.


SiMMSI advocates for sustainable educational environments to help preserve the inalienable rights of the girl child to education, economic freedom, justice, health and peace.


SiMMSI provides mentorship through educational club sessions, while building and promoting non-violent and respectful relationships for young girls.

Educate the girl child… Educate the future!

Educating and supporting the educational activities of the girl child, strategically positions them to make informed choices that can lead to help build stronger families, communities, nations and economies. An educated female population increases a country’s productivity level and output, and fuels economic growth.

SiMMSI STEM Support Programs

SiMMSI aims through its STEM support programs to make it easier for young underprivileged secondary students in STEM pursue their dreams of .

Educational funding and support is the one thing that threatens whether a lot of girls their reach academic goals. Many drop out of schools due to funding difficulties. Being an African girl child in a developing country such as Nigeria with dreams of pursuing education goals can sometimes seem unattainable when funding becomes an issue. At SiMMSI, we are positioned to lend support to the girl child on her educational journey in STEM.