Each additional year of schooling can raise a girl’s future earning power by 20%. You can help achieve this goal towards gender equality by your giving today.

Learn About Gender Equality!

Educate Others!

Speak Up!

We work with local communities and civil societies to promote gender equality and inclusiveness through advocacy, seminars and outreaches.

Ending violence against women is a key step in the drive for gender equality. We provide necessary education on signs, consent, accountability and helping victims find support.

We advocate for, counsel and provide empowering and financial support for girls and women and who have been victims of gender based violence. 


Our scholarship grants, help to keep young disadvantaged girls in schools. We also provide mentoring support and skills training

Entrepreneurial Training

Our training scheme helps to develop women and girls with additional knowledge, attributes and capabilities required for self development.

Community Development

At Singularly Me, we work together with our partner communities in processes where members of the community come together to taken action on gender equality issues.