The Girl Child
Each additional year of schooling can raise a girl’s future earning power by 20%. You can help achieve this goal towards gender equality by your giving today.
Single Mothers
The price of single Parenting is hard, single families need all the help and support to give the children the future they deserve
Gender Based Violence
Women and girls continue to face a variety of challenges, ranging from female genital mutilation, child marriage, and human trafficking to domestic abuse and homicide.
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The tears of every girl child out there who is not even allowed to dream or reach for greatness and the pain of every woman who has been a victim of gender-based violence are indeed a direct call and reminder for us to act and do all we can to guarantee an enviable future for us all.

Dr Ibidolapo Ijarotimi
Dr Ibidolapo Ijarotimi

Singularly Me Mothers Support Initiative (SiMMSI)

SiMMSI's Corner

Join SiMMSI and the international community as we discuss the amazing and insightful experiences from our gender-equality training in co-Eds in Nigeria



Singularly Me Mothers Support Initiative (SiMMSI) is a Nigeria based non-profit taking action on gender equality through educational advocacy and mentoring/scholarship schemes for young disadvantaged girls to help stem the rise of child brides and single motherhood. SiMMSI is also engaged in the empowerment of single mothers, and lending our voice to issues surrounding youth development and gender-based violence as it affects women and girls.

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Hurray! The annual report for the year 2022 is out (Check Below). Kudos to all our numerous partners and sponsors. Thank you for helping us  reach change the story of so many girls and mothers . 

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Support for Victims of Gender Based Violence

We provide a platform for victims of Gender based violence to speak out and seek help well as provide necessary support and assistance

Gender Equality

We seek to bridge the gender equality gap across all levels. we are taking gender equality training to secondary schools, pioneering gender equality education across rural and urban communities as well as slums

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Girl Child Advocacy

We are championing the course of the girl child via education, rehabilitation , training and support

Skill Acquisition

Our training scheme helps to develop women and girls with additional knowledge, attributes and capabilities required for self development.

Micro Grants and Incentives

SiMMSI organizes Single Mother's trading support and other programs which offers entrepreneurship training, interest free micro-loans and other business incentives

That we even have to debate the subject of Gender Equality shows we have so much to do
Giving equal rights and opportunities to all gender shouldn't be a matter of discourse at all. Join SiMMSI today to change this narrative
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No great thing is truly done by a single person.

Help us expand our reach to get to more vulnerable homes and families, rehabilitate and re-integrate as many  teens and female children denied of  shelter and basic rights.

From Domestic abuse to gender based violence and discriminations, countless women and young girls are undergoing very disturbing encounters daily. We are committed to making a difference and we solicit your support to help train, counsel, and support affected persons