Gender Bias- Societal Normalisation

Part 1- The Home

Although gender bias in its various aprons is very common in the world and readily apparent, some everyday judgments and actions seem typical but in no way carry the hallmark of gender bias. This is so typical in places where gender-based presumptions are institutionalized and certain behaviours have become commonplace. As a result, when these decisions or presumptions are made, particularly in developing nations, no reasonable consideration is given. While Gender Bias is arguably present in most parts of human endeavours, the focus today would be some commonly normalised biases in homes.  

Don’t assume your son should be the only person enrolled in the music classes and Piano lessons. Give your daughter a chance, try her out and be surprised! The western world in this regard has shown the possibilities with regards to the performance of the male and female gender in professional skills.   The statistics published by Zappia showed that of the over 5007 documented pianists currently employed in the United States, 49.5% of these are women. You don’t want to know the statistics for Nigeria!

Don’t merely ask the girl child to watch while you prepare food. A male child who can cook well may grow up to be a man who could maintain a more stable and balanced home where the wife’s efforts are appropriately complemented, despite the fact that cooking is typically handled by the female child in most of the world.

Don’t automatically assume that the female child should stop attending school when the family faces financial difficulties. Do not promote the idea that the female child would better care for the parents when they age. A caring and compassionate child takes care of the parents and siblings regardless of gender.

Gender Equality is about creating an equal environment for the child to dream, reach out and become! An equal platform for every child and person to thrive regardless of Gender.